You've been accepted!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Cushing Academy!
We can't wait to welcome you onto campus and into our community as the newest member of #PenguinNation.


We are excited about what you'll bring to the Cushing community:

  • You're CREATIVE
  • You're CURIOUS

Ready to join the waddle?

Next Steps

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1 - Review Materials

Your enrollment contract and financial information is available for review in the parent portal at MyCushing

In addition, here are some links that you may find helpful:

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2 - Register for Revisit Day

Now that you've been accepted, we hope you'll come (back) to campus and experience what it's like to be a Penguin. Cushing Revisit Day is the perfect opportunity to do this:

Monday, April 1 or Friday, April 5
9 am - 2 pm

Can't make it to a Revisit Day?  Check out our Virtual Revisit Day or contact Admissions to set up an alternative visit day at or (978) 827-7300

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3 - Enroll at Cushing

When you've made your decision to come to Cushing (or, sadly, to attend another institution) we'd love to know! Please complete our Enrollment Decision Form at the bottom of this page.

Enrollment deadline: April 10, 2024

To complete enrollment at Cushing, a parent/guardian will need to log in to MyCushing and:

  • Approve the enrollment contract
  • Pay the enrollment deposit
  • Choose a tuition payment plan

Here is a PDF guide and Enrollment FAQ that you may find helpful in navigating the enrollment process:


2024-25 Course Catalog

Our 2024-25 Course catalog includes all Cushing offerings — including 19 AP courses and 19 Honors courses — as well as details on everything from graduation requirements to how to add/drop/change a course level.

Soon after you enroll at Cushing, you'll meet with an academic advisor who will help you go over everything, listen to your interests and goals, and work with you to create a schedule for the 2024-25 academic year that best meets your needs.


The Insider's Guide

Our Insider's Guide covers everything that happens OUTSIDE of the classroom. From the history of the penguin mascot to which dorm Bette Davis ’26 lived in, the guide is packed full of interesting tidbits that will give you a sense of life on campus, including:

  • Cushing traditions (like the All School Handshake and Community Lunch) 
  • The location of Ms. Fay's candy drawer
  • Afternoon activities and weekend trip options
  • Student clubs and organizations
  • And much, much more!

“I’ve been learning to throw clay here at Cushing and I feel like it’s really representative of my journey. I’ve had to learn patience, I’ve had to learn delicacy —  you can’t put too much pressure on the clay or else it will fold and crumble — and Cushing does a great job of applying the right kind of pressure to help you become your best self. ”

— Lauren '24


"Cushing was the right place for me, and I loved it. I was challenged academically and athletically; I grew as a person and a hockey player tremendously."

— Meghan Duggan '06
USA Women's Olympic Hockey Team
2018 Gold medalist and team captain
2014 Silver medalist and team captain
2010 Silver Medalist


"Cushing students love being here and embracing new experiences. Every student brings a unique perspective to campus. By fully engaging in our community, students learn how to express themselves, develop self-awareness, and have meaningful conversations."

— Edward Buggie
Director of Inclusion + Community Life
Dance Instructor

Don't Miss Revisit Day!

Experience what it's like to be a Penguin

Monday, April 1 or Friday, April 5
9 am - 2 pm

At Cushing Academy's Revisit Day, you get to experience what it's like to be a Penguin. You'll visit live classes, meet students, faculty, and coaches, sample the food in the dining hall, and get a first-hand sense of Cushing's tremendous community spirit.

  • Attend classes with current students
  • Meet with incoming students and their families
  • Participate in an all-school assembly
  • Have lunch in the Fisher Watkins Dining Commons
  • Participate in roundtable and panel discussions with faculty and students

Need a Place to Stay for Revisit Day?

These are our recommended local hotels should you need to stay overnight:

Virtual Revisit Day

Tuesday, April 2
7:00 pm ET

Unable to make it to campus? Please join us for a VIRTUAL Revisit Day. 
Our Virtual Revisit Day isn't your typical webinar — it is an interactive experience where you will have a chance to join breakout rooms and speak directly with faculty and students.

If we can't see you on campus, we look forward to seeing you online!

Top 5 Reasons for
Coming to Cushing Academy

As we head toward decision day — April 10, 2024 — John Cena ’95 has been counting down his Top 5 Reasons for Coming to Cushing Academy. Here they are, all compiled into one video, with an extra opening and closing that you may or may not be able to see.

What will be your Top 5 reasons for coming to Cushing Academy? 


See all of our videos on the Cushing Academy YouTube page.


During your journey at Cushing, you will be inspired to pursue your curiosity and creativity, take risks, push yourself, and grow. You will also have a lot of fun along the way! Our supportive community of teachers, advisors, and coaches will meet you where you are at and help you set your sights on where you want to go. Where will your journey at Cushing take you? 

# PoweredByTheJourney



At Cushing Academy, you will find a community that will embrace and support you for who you are! From outstanding academics, competitive athletics, and renowned performing and visual arts, Cushing is a community where you will thrive! 




Only a lucky few get the chance to see penguins in their natural habitat. But even fewer people are lucky enough to also BE a penguin....You're one of the lucky few. We hope you'll take the plunge! 



Mountain Day is one of the many traditions that define the Cushing experience. Every fall, the entire school hikes Mount Monadnock to reflect on the journey that lies ahead during the coming year. 




Living with your best friends is the best! Every Cushing dorm offers loads of opportunities for students to get to know each other and bond. Festive opening ceremonies kick off the start of Dorm Olympics, and dorms continue to participate in weekend competitions throughout the year.



Join Trey for his busy Tuesday — psychology, English seminar, a pep rally, physical science, kinesiology, Powersource, study hall, and hanging out in the hall. 



Join Coco for her active Thursday — yoga, AP computer science principles, senior English seminar, voice lessons, AP psychology, college counseling check-in, health and wellness, and study hall. 



Join Matea for her packed Tuesday — calculus, advisory, art portfolio, AP US government and politics, a visit to college counseling, philosophy, advanced acting and directing, fall play, tennis practice, a dorm meeting, and study hall 


#Powered by Campus

With the highest percentage of boarding students in New England (93%), Cushing's stunning campus is full of life and activity in every season of the year. 


#Powered by School Spirit

Cushing Academy is a fun and engaging community — both inside and outside the classroom, students and faculty get involved. 


#Powered by College Counseling

Cushing's dedicated college counselors work with you and your parents, teachers, advisors, and coaches to help you find and get into the college that is the perfect fit. 


#Powered by Connection

 Every Cushing year begins and ends with the All School Handshake. This tradition is a reminder of our shared goals, and reaffirms our commitment to pursuing excellence together. 



#Powered by The Arts

With state-of-the-art facilities, regular performances, and expert faculty, Cushing Academy offers a full range of artistic opportunities including ceramics, jazz band, architectural design, dance, metal smithing, and annual musical and theatre productions. 

#Powered by Penguins

Cushing Academy prepares student-athletes for bright futures in life on and off the field. Whatever your goals are, our experienced coaches and trainers can help you achieve your personal best—and have lots of fun along the way! 

#Roll Pens!

We'd Love to Answer Your Questions


Our Admissions team is eager to hear from you and help your family in any way we can throughout the enrollment process. 

Don't hesitate to reach out! You can contact us at or (978) 827-7300.

Get Excited!

Moving Day-1

Mark your calendars! New international students and preseason athletes arrive on Wednesday, September 4, 2024, for Registration.

All other new and returning students arrive on Saturday, September 7, 2024, with Orientation on September 8!

As a reminder, here's a link to 2024-25 Calendar, as well as a list of what you should pack for Cushing. We can't wait to get you on campus!

Share your decision with us!

If you know you're coming to Cushing, let us know so we can celebrate with you!

If you know you're NOT coming to Cushing, we'd love to know that as well. We'll be disappointed — but letting us know your plans allows us to potentially offer your space to another deserving Penguin.

2024-25 Enrollment Decision Form