Athletic Experience Virtual Open House

Tuesday, January 9, 2024
7 pm - 8 pm
Virtual Open House

Meet with varsity coaches and members of the Athletics Office, talk with students about their Athletic Journey, and join interactive breakout sessions.
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Breakout Sessions

Individual breakout rooms for each varsity sport
What it's like Being a Student-Athlete
Role of Athletic Training at Cushing
Weight Training / Powersource at Cushing
College Advising/Recruiting for Athletes


Jennifer Viana, Director of Athletics
Ryan Suchanek, Associate Director of Athletics 
Donald Harmon, Head Athletic Trainer
Emily Roller, Director of College Counseling

Fall Sports
Stirling Ince, Head Coach Varsity Cross Country
Courtney Lavin, Head Coach Varsity Field Hockey
Casey Ftorek, Head Coach Varsity Boys' Soccer
Andrew Corbin, Head Coach Varsity Girls' Soccer
Courtney Collins, Head Coach Varsity Girls' Volleyball

Winter Sports
James Cormier, Head Coach Prep Boys' Basketball
Natalie Wilson, Head Coach Varsity Girls' Basketball
Paul Pearl, Head Coach Varsity A Boys' Hockey
Dan Fontas, Head Coach Varsity B Boys' Hockey
Val Bono-Bunker ’97, Head Coach Varsity Girls' Hockey
Valerik Roumi, Head Coach Varsity Alpine Skiing

Spring Sports
Ryan Suchenek, Head Coach Varsity Baseball
Kurt Kublbeck, Head Coach Varsity Golf
Larry Kline, Head Coach Varsity Boys' Lacrosse
Aaron Santos ’06, Head Coach Varsity Softball
Stirling Ince, Head Coach Varsity Track + Field

A variety of student-athletes will also be on hand to share their experiences.