Community Experience
Virtual Open House

Tuesday, December 5, 2023
7 pm - 8 pm
Virtual Open House

Cushing has students from 30 states and 30 countries — and 92% of our students are residential. It means that a lot of the learning at Cushing happens outside of the classroom: from interacting with peers to advocating for oneself to understanding cultural differences.

In this webinar, you’ll meet with members of the Office of Student Affairs and Counseling, talk with students about their Community Journey, and join interactive breakout sessions. Sign up below to receive a link to the virtual Open House.

Breakout Sessions

Living at Cushing: A Day in The Life
Home Away From Home: Support Systems at Cushing
Weekends, Traditions, and Special Events
The Post-Graduate Experience


Sarah Catlin, Director of Student Affairs
Tyrone Croom, Associate Director of Student Affairs 
Eddie Buggie, Director of Inclusion and Community Life
Donny Conners, Director of Student Activities
Beth Stone, Connections Faculty

As well as additional residential faculty + current students